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December 30 2013


Top Three Essential Features of Hypercars

Performance hypercars are thought to be a status symbol. Many car enthusiasts want to be aware of their important features. The very first characteristic that grabs the attention is the construction. A true fast sprinter comes with an aggressive look, muscle proportions and eye-catching surfaces. But, the basic features that affect the type of the car are hidden. Check out the main street legal car characteristics - what is the weight to power ratio, how many doors there are, seats in the cabin.

№1. Ratio Curb Weight to Power

Sports car

The power/mass measurement is a  fundamental feature when a person is opting for a sports vehicle. It shows the performance of the car in any conditions. Crazy sports cars boast agile nature and quick movements. Lower specific output is perceived as a feature of sporty cars. One of the emblematic sports cars Nissan GT-R features one of the lowest power/mass proportion. Yet it can`t beat the Grand Tourismo version of Porsche 911, which features a 2.2kg/hp ratio.

2 Engine Power - How many horses?

Mighty engine is the core of every fast sports car. At present car companies are continually trying to force the powerplant capacity. Perfect demonstration of a fast and quick car is Bugatti Vitesse. The French hypercar has 1200 hp. The Venom Grand Tourer is quite close with the same horses hidden in the super powered engine.

№ 3 Car Acceleration Time Data

The seconds needed to hit 100 km/h (62 mph) definitely are among the fundamental features of the performance car. As low as possible sounds really good. Venom GT for instance produces challenging power. This sprinter accelerates in less than 2.5 seconds. Yet the leader is another hypercar - 2013 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse with acceleration time of 2.2 sec.

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